Tours de Merle and Two Rivers

85.8 km

1413m of climbing

Rating: medium to hard


Setting out from DBestCycling - Correze in Bassignac-le-Haut, there’s 10km of undulating road before descending towards the Tours de Merle, a magical feudal fortress made up of a number of family castles that were occupied by the former lords of the Xaintrie from the eleventh to fifteenth century. The descent continues to the base of the gorge where the road crosses the Maronne River and a short climb leads up to an undulating plateau through picturesque farmland  and a fun 6 km descent. Continuing along the Maronne, the route connects with the Dordogne River and, just across the bridge, at 56km, Chez Maryse cafe for coffee and brioche! The next 14km is relatively flat and then gently undulating following the Dordogne heading northeast to the Barrage du Chastang, one of several hydroelectric dams in the region. The final ascent winds its way up the hillside for about 5km. A short rest at the top to enjoy the view of the valley before the final undulating 10km. An alternative version of this ride includes a lunch stop.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile

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