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The village of Bassignac-le-Haut is located in the department of Correze, in southwest France.





For more detailed information on travelling from your location, please contact me.



Nearest airports:

Brive-la-Gaillarde (BVE) 

85 km (50 miles)

Limoges-Bellegarde Airport (LIG)

150 km (95 miles)

Rodez-Aveyron Airport (RDZ)

145 km (90 miles)

A little further afield:


195 km (120 miles)


197 km (120 miles)


240 km (150 miles)


289 km (180 miles)

All have car rental. I assist with transfers from Brive airport when possible. Contact me for availability and pricing.



Another option, or if you are travelling from outside of Europe, is to fly to Paris. From there you can either get a connecting flight to Brive or another nearby airport, or take the train from Paris Austeriltz to Brive. The train journey is 4 hours and often it ends up being about as quick as taking a connecting flight and can be quite relaxing. Car rental available at Brive train station.




Train from Paris to Brive-la-Gaillarde is 4 hours. Trains leave from Paris Austerlitz. 

If you are arriving in Toulouse, there is a train from the main station (Toulouse Matabiau) to Brive (about 2 hours).

Click here for more info and reservations.

Car rental is available at the train station in Brive. Whenever possible, I assist with transfers from Tulle and Brive. Contact me for availability.




Bassignac-le-Haut is about 1.5 hrs drive from Brive airport and Brive train station.

Calais: 840 km (520 miles)      Paris: 530 km (330 miles)      

Lyon: 375 km (230 miles)         Bordeaux: 280 km (175 miles)     

Toulouse: 265 km (165 miles)   

If you are coming from the north or east, it is strongly recommended that you come via Argentat. Your GPS may tell you something different but its ‘direct route’ will take you on minor roads, full of hairpin bends, into ‘the land that time forgot’ (minus the dinosaurs) and we will probably never see you again.



Travel Visas

Depending on your Passport, you may need a Visa to enter France.

For information on Shengen Visa requirements for France:



Travelling With Your Bike

It is a good idea to have your bike professionally serviced prior to your departure. The workshop at DBestCycling has a range of tools and some essential spares for purchase (cables; spokes; brake blocks, etc.) but please bring any spares that are specific to your bike.

If you do have any serious mechanical problems that you are unable to remedy in the workshop, the local mechanic, Cycl’Eric, can usually fix just about anything. 

The best way to travel with a bike is to invest in (rent or buy) a purpose-made soft bike bag or hard bike case. In either case, extra padding is essential, especially for vulnerable areas such as brake/gear levers. You may want to remove your rear derailleur and carefully wrap it in bubble-wrap or equivalent padding and tape to the chainstay. Remember to partially deflate your tyres! Fill any spaces with clothes!

Alternatively, there are a number of companies that ship bikes door-to-door which can end up costing less than taking your bike on a plane. BagSOLO and LuggageForward are two options. 

bike case.jpg

By air

Aer Lingus carries bikes as part of your checked baggage at no extra charge provided it does not weigh more than 23kg. Click here for more info.

Ryanair charges €60 / £60 each way (total of 120 Euro/Pounds). Maximum weight is 30kg. Click here for more details.

Easyjet will transport your bike for free provided it weighs less than 32kg and is properly packed. Click here for more info.

BA allows you to travel with your bike at no extra charge if it is packed in a protective case or bag that does not weigh more than 23kg and does not exceed 190cm in length. Click here for more info.




Flybe accept bikes on a stand-by basis only (i.e. only if there is room on the flight) and charge in addition to your baggage allowance. Click here for more info.


HOP! Air France considers bikes separate from your baggage allowance and you must request prior approval. They charge €40-55 each way within Europe and the weight is restricted to 23kg. Click here for more info.


Please be sure to check with your carrier prior to booking your flights as policies for transporting bikes may change.



By train

You can take your bike on SNCF trains for free. There are two options. Bikes are considered to be carry-on luggage as long as there is space available and it is packed in a bike bag no larger than 120 cm high and 90 cm wide. The other option is to place your bike in a designated area for bikes. Most SNCF trains from Paris have a dedicated bike carriage. For more information:


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